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Welcome To The Stealth Pancakes Gaming Community!!


Hello and welcome to -|TSP|- gaming community. The Stealth Pancakes as we call it, we are here to bring a unique fun filled

experience to all players of different ages. We consider you family and welcome you with open arms.

-|TSP|- gaming community is built by gamers for gamers. :D


We are looking for new members to help out so if you think you have what it takes or have a few ideas post them in the forum!!

We have lots of exciting things lined up, so stay tuned! Don't forget to check back often as we work to bring you the latest -|TSP|- information and updates!


Message Of The Day


I think the mainstream gaming industry has a very narrow focus on the young male audience.

There are plenty of other people out there who enjoy playing games, but if you walk into most game stores,

there's nothing on the shelf for them. I mean, imagine if you could only buy cheeseburgers and nothing but cheeseburgers

in every restaurant?

Pc Gaming Trailer!